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The Legal Profession: Just Another Business? (UIA 52nd Congress, 2008, Main Theme 3, president, Bucharest, Romania)

UK and European Legal Experts, 2008 (London, UK)

Dispute resolution experts, Portugal, 2008 (London, UK)

Legal services as commercial markets: scope, limits? (Paris, France)

The legal profession and the liberalisation of services (Lisboa, Portugal)

Encontro da Advocacia Global / Meeting of the Global Legal Profession (Lisboa, Portugal)

Back to Portugal (Paris, France)

European Legal Experts 2007 (London, UK)

Belenenses - Boavista (Porto, Portugal)

Braga - Boavista (Porto, Portugal)

Recognition and Enforcement of Judgements or Awards in M&A Litigation (Sestriere, Italia)

European Legal Experts 2006 (London, UK)

Tribunal Internacional do Direito do Mar (São Paulo, Brasil)

International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Tribunal International du Droit de la Mer (Sao Paulo, Brésil)

Juiz comenta destino de quem ainda não julgou (Aveiro, Portugal)

Ministério Público ao longe (Lisboa, Portugal)

Supremo 'repreende' Ministério Público (Lisboa, Portugal)

Supremo Tribunal de Justiça (Lisboa, Portugal)

Anteprojecto de Código de Processo Civil (Porto, Portugal)

O novo tribunal financeiro (Lisboa, Portugal)

Professional confidentiality in the European Union - the directive on money laundering (Porto, Portugal)

Practice of Law and Professional Secrecy in the Multimedia Era (New Delhi, India)

Les conséquences de l'Internet sur l'exercice de la profession d'avocat (Agadir, Maroc)

Não se confunde com moda (Porto, Portugal)

Can the lawyer of the future live without the internet ? (Philadelphia, USA)

Mergers & Acquisitions: A case on indeterminate price causing the failure of a share purchase agreement (London, UK)

Vitória no Supremo (Lisboa, Portugal)

"Lei seca" no Vinho do Porto (Porto, Portugal)

Web archive - Novais & Loureiro (1996 - 2004)

Portugal-based from its inception, since 1987, Novais Advogados has been serving a local and multinational clientele, in Portuguese, Spanish and European Law. Associated offices in Spain create a constant flow of work in and from the Iberian Peninsula. Membership with international networks assures global reach. We are fluent in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Italian languages.

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